About us

Guru Graphics Limited is a creative Web Design and Web Development agency based in London. Since 2005, we have undertaken hundreds of projects, big and small, from around the world with our challenging approach and flexible attitude.

When creating products for our clients we follow a number simple but effective principles:

  • Personality- Researched and studied solutions, with consistent and thought User Interface, essential User Experience and highly performant on all the aspects.we thoroughly listen to our clients’ needs and respect their requirements throughout the whole designing and production process. We project the client’s personality into our products.
  • Security- Paranoidly secure code to ensure the stability and security standards to be matched in every possible scenario by stressing and testing our own code repeatedly. We only use the latest and more reliable development frameworks and technologies.
  • Usability- Each product is always responsive / adaptive (working on all screen resolutions) and cross-browser (working on all the browsers). We always use an HTML5 grid and minified code. Everything is optimised for fast loading and server-side performance optimisation.
  • Right Design- We always produce pixel-perfect essential designs following the latest trends and tailored on the application’s usability and expected User Experience.

Our philosophy

Our product design philosophy is based on the thoughts of Dieter Rams, who has been Braun’s lead designer from 1955 to 1995.

During his career at Braun, Rams has created his own design philosophy, based on essentiality, purity and functional minimalism.

“Less, but better.”

Dieter Rams created a simple set of rules, which define the “Good Design” concept. He studied the correlation between product usage and its usability in relation to design.

We have decided to readapt these rules to be applicable to web design and development. This philosophy aims to introduce a new way of thinking about the web design.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve human problems with machines, by creating powerful solutions, for both humans and machines.

About GG TaskersTM

GG TaskersTM is a platform we created to post tasks and projects that need to be done. It allows our internal employees to take up and efficiently handle those projects with you or have external freelancers complete the tasks.
It’s a one-stop location to get your things done, from posting your project and overlooking the work, to making payments and taking final delivery. It takes away the hassle of arranging meetings and phone calls to simply check the progress of your project.
We also offer a number of standard services that can be bought as packages.

GG Taskers offers integrated functionality for:

  • Describing your Project completely including your budget.
  • Comparing offers made by developers or designers.
  • Communications.
  • Making payments.
  • Leaving feedback for the work.